About Us

Your Business's IT needs shouldn't be a headache


ExpertMSP was started to help small and medium sized businesses spend less time worrying about IT responsibilities and more time being a business. 

Unique mix of knowledge


Using decades of IT experience combined with a team forged in the cybersecurity industry itself, we have emerged as a premier choice for IT management for small and medium sized business. Leveraging our experience in the cybersecurity industry gives us the knowledge to consistently utilize the most cutting edge technology to stay a step ahead of hackers. We focus on solutions that keep your efficiency and productivity at a maximum, meaning acute and chronic issues are all kept to minimum effect on your work flow. Our goal is to turn what was once a weakness into strength. 

Let us redefine your IT solution


You shouldn't have to wait 5 minutes for a scan to finish before opening an email attachment. A lost or stolen company phone with sensitive data shouldn't keep you up at night. Updating computers shouldn't take all night. Let us change how you view IT for your business.